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uh michael smith yesterday uh the steelers took on the cincinnati that’s my grandmother used to call it cincinnati the cincinnati bengals and once again they always did they ever did this uh they did this when bill cower was the tutor they’ve continued this uh with mike tomlin coaching the team they trounced cincinnati their record against cincinnati in the last 30 recreations it’s just something hilarious uh it’s really good for pittsburgh really bad for cincinnati i don’t know the particulars but it’s not something that cincinnati should be bragging about but they were shut down yesterday the bengals were steelers are now 90 you mentioned before i told you last week i said nah it’s too early to be talking about running the table but you look at that you see that lower third 90 best start in franchise history yeah are you charming the thought that maybe the steelers can go undefeated yeah look at that planned that’s why i imparted it up to you last week you don’t want to shut it down you should be answering that question yeah i’m entertaining what you tell me you tell me how you feel about ravens ravens on thanksgiving is gonna be a slugfest okay we know that so and one of those whizs one of those shower team’s gonna be a it’s gonna be a fight very gape they’re all gonna be fightings soul like i imply let’s just it’s the nfl like they could all all anybody could make it interesting i signify at buffalo at cincinnati could be interested at cleveland in the season we’d like to actually get a different copper team but that’s another crew that they’ve owned historically like you know i’m gonna lick that one out you know what i’m gonna wipe out cleveland at the end of the season because if you’re 15 and old-time you’re not going to lose to the browns at the end of the year you’re not it’s possible you’re too not going to lose to the jaguars in week 11.

So somewhere in there ravens and they’re cold still the colts the coach-and-four been demonstrated by i entail i wasn’t a believer in the colts and then they took care of tennessee the other night so i mean listen i i returned it up last week when they were halfway there because i think it is fun to talk about i i do believe that they can do it i think it’s too early so when you when you’re going to do it 15 to no uh i would say week 13 and some nerves have some nerves okay “ive had” some doubts about you well well you gotta you gotta get in all this kind of stuff early male let me help you out with this can i tell you they gotta get in on this already early this is easy this is easy they’re not gonna get-up-and-go undefeated all right they will not pas they will not go underneath he’s not going to have to why that why not because it’s hard it’s too it is it’s too difficult and one of those units one of those units is going to knock them off they’re going to they’re better than a crew they’re going to lose to we know they’re going to lose to a team in there it might be the colts it might be buffalo uh but you exactly lose sometimes you lose your focus they represented close recreations already they’ve had a couple of recreations all right we’ll come down to the final yeah i’ll make love i’ll get it on forget it i’ll make love let’s move change you’ve been you’ve been calling the best team in the organization at least three four weeks into the season and maybe even sooner because you recognize that they were the most complete crew all right yeah disallowing i i thought that the devin undergrowth injury would would would cost him more than it has to this point forbidding an injury to ben and he had a covenant scare last week impediment an injury to ben they proceed undefeated this year they run in the table i’m gonna i’ll i’ll get it on i’ll get it on i’ll say it that sounds good that’s a lot of people do that don’t you cherish don’t you cherish people do you know what i’m saying don’t they’ll be like i’ll say it no one else will i’ll say it i’ll be the one i was like shut up you know yeah it’s like okay great and you know exactly no but for real you and everybody else on a steelers blog you and everybody else gave a awful term but here’s why here’s why here’s what i think i think here’s what i think we’re underestimating because we examined it last you know and i well i enjoyed football i always experienced football morning in the americans and i enjoy it more so now that i you know i’m part of the nbc universal family but i represent i enjoy peter king’s kind of his failure of of mike tomlin who we both have celebrated and revalued his grandeur i’ve known mike t for a long time it’s great to see him getting his blooms i think we might be overlooking how things are actually just ultimately starting to come together for this team from a chemistry position because last year kcount last year because as you noted what did it go through four quarterbacks there’s still one i think this this has the potential to be a historic team not because of who they have because who they don’t have they don’t have le’veon bell they don’t have antonio chocolate-brown and as peter king pointed out look how competitive and how good this squad has been since they went rid of both of them or if the case of le’veon bell tell him accompany not only is this the most complete team but i dare to say this team has as good a chemistry and as good of togetherness as they’ve had in years okay like they got a deep but more important unselfish talented young receiving all right they got a good offensive front they got a quarterback who you’re never out of it with that quarterback and damn it that protection gets after it they they’ve produced the conference in bags several years running now they take it apart they push the quarterback you called it earlier in the year they are the most complete team in the league most could somebody play could somebody mess it up and could any opened sunday or monday or thursday perfectly or saturday or tuesday and this covert invite yeah could covet mess this up i’m i’m make put offside all the cliches and all the usual you know stumbling blocks and that’s not why this is why i got this team doing it because i believe that top to bottom they got what it takes to make a run and to make every tournament they got the leadership they got the intangibles and the flair they is everything you look for to prevail every single game the rest of the season they have i’m putting out i employed my pots your money i’m putting my money on the fact that they’re going to go undefeated this year we’re going to see it that’s nice i’m glad to see you do it i’m glad to see you get on board what do i have other than being wrong as you said prophet smith i mean you see it before other parties see it so but you missed this one i you you kind of saw this one late i i don’t know i think i knew they were good i knew they were good i knew they were good if kansas metropolitan were on the schedule i would say you know when i say undefeated by the way i’m talking about 16 and though i’m talking about six oh yeah i got you we’re not going to talk about the players okay this time to be clear yeah time to be counted yeah just to be color yeah because this is and it’s important this year to get that number 1 seed you got to get the number one because only see this year you’re still playing there’s no buy the one is to buy but i’m gonna tell you when they lose a game this is why they’re gonna lose it they’ve i told you they toy some close recreations once and and it has come down to that that final pass pass becomes the other way they lose but one thing i’ve noticed about them and they got to kind of get back to who they are what they’ve done lately is have begun to kept it in the air a little too much and the reason they came down to the final play against the titans they had a big lead against the titans and it’s ben starts slinging it he i think two or three interceptions in that tournament titans parade back they shouldn’t even been in position to to acquire it in the end or confine it up at the end they’re getting a little too pass happy and in video games that they lose whether it’s the buffalo or the colts we’re going to come on now and say soldier why don’t they operate the clod more so that’s how they’re going to lose their one or two recreations i had a onetime steeler tell me uh recently respected god but not going to reveal my generators right now you know of course not uh he told me they’re going to go and he told me this six or seven weeks ago so i’ve just pretty much stolen all his levels um he told me that they’re vanish fourteen and two okay hey human look what’s it port good craftsman wise man formerly “ve been told” good creator replica great artist steal so have at it um and plus if we don’t talk about undefeated now when are we ever gonna be able to talk about it that that’s there’s no fun because once they lose then you miss out on the opportunity so content hey thanks for watching brother from another on youtube make sure you reached subscribe before you leave and be sure to watch us 3 to 5 p.m eastern time on peacock relish you

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