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Thank you for visiting this video segment for dr. afib, I’m Dr. Morales, and today’s video segment we’re gon na be talking with the keto diet and how anybody would Ha fibrillation what you should be aware about with the keto diet. The keto diet is an extremely popular and controversial nutrition right now, and it was actually one of the top Google search expressions of 2018. So there are many numerous persons interested about in the keto diet and I’ve had several patients of mine. Ask me about the keto diet, whether they think it’s safe for them or good for them to use for their age of local populations. Now I’ve talked about in the past that weight loss can be very effective for improving indications of atrial fibrillation. There have been various studies in the past, I’ve talked about 10 % weight loss of a patient’s initial torso. Weight can result in over 40 %, improving a person’s 8/ 5 manifestations. But what about? What food? You know, people want to know what diet is good for them and whether the keto diet, specific is an ok diet to use. So for those of you or not aware, what is the key to diet? What does it do so? The keto diet is a very popular diet right now and that is it a very, very low, carb diet. Its such a low-pitched carb food that it induces what’s called a district of ketosis, and that means that it persuades your mas to use an alternative fuel source. Other than sugar, which are ketones and broken off overweight molecules and it’s a very rapid weight loss and has been very popular and you’ve, probably encountered celebrities and other parties online, who have expended a keto diet and have pretty rapidly lost load. So it appears to fairly successful as a weight loss regimen, but is it safe medically speaking for people who have heart positions or solely senility of fibrillation? The authorities have, unfortunately, some example reports out there that shown that the ketosis, this all the state of the diet, where you have more ketones in your blood, can actually trigger episodes or lead to more chapters of H fibrillation. Its really a very few small-time occasion reports. Theres not a whole lot of literature out there. However, it does make a little bit sense that the keto diet could in essence affect or contribute to getting more episodes of atrial fibrillation, and how has the potential to possibly do that? Well, the whole state of ketosis or we’re having ketones in your mas does actually feign your pH is sort of that acid based. You know, match that we have in our in our blood in our torso and there’s a lot of literature out there. A parcel of website clauses out there about acidic keto diet and alkaline and keto diet and these are all things related to the pH inside of a person’s figure and have alternating alter impact your on in your organization, can certainly have an effect on triggering incidents of atrial fibrillation. The stomach is very sensitive to changes in the pH and can lead to short circuits and additional flogs, which can end up triggering episodes of atrial fibrillation. In addition, these states of ketosis can also affect your electrolyte inequalities, and many of you are aware about potassium and magnesium flaws, which can also contribute to episodes of atrial fibrillation. So it does in a sense, make sense that doing the keto diet can affect or can potentially trigger episodes of H, fibrillation. It shapes ability medically, and so that’s sort of the remaining reason why I do not typically alter recommend my patients that have the keto diet and I’ve just seen a couple of case reports that show that it may not be beneficial for patients who have HIV relation. Now the literature, the websites, the literature, glances that is very good as a weightloss strategy, but, however, for cases with afib tie-in, it may not be the privilege strategy. It may be a good shortterm plan for some patients, but there’s a longterm strategy for weight, loss and load handling. It may not be the claim approach for patients with atrial fibrillation when it comes to Angel fibrillation, as well as cases with congestive heart failure. For many years, there’s been a lot of good data and commodities supporting the use of the Mediterranean diet for each of fibrillation, as well as for cases with coronary thrombosis as more of a safer alternative, which I’ll discuss more in a later video segment. But at this point I want to discuss solely the ketone nutrition and why I do not commonly recommends the following to my patients with atrial fibrillation, but I always discuss diet plans with your doctor for further information. Thank you for entreat this video segment for a

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