Profit Rocket Review & Bonuses – 🛑 EXPOSED 🛑 How to EXACTLY Make it WORK

Hi, guys it’s chris here with Welcome to this profit rocket review now profit rocket is a new product that has just come out. Thats going to help you get tons of free organic traffic from interest to your offers, and it’s been packaged together in a training to help you make money in this way. Today we’re going to take a look at it, we’re going to go inside the dashboard. I’M going to show you what it’s all about and as well as that, I’ve also thrown together a custom bundle of bonuses that are going to hit on a lot of points that profit rocket talks about in the training, but also get you to help you to get Set up on the technical side and really work hand in hand with profit rocket, so you get the absolute most out of it so before we get into it drop a line on this video hit, subscribe and turn on that bell. Notification. If you want to be updated with new products coming out like this all the time that are going to help you to make money online, also, if you want to jump ahead at any time during this video, make sure you first click on the link in the description That will take you through to my bonus page, which looks like this and the way this page works is. It is integrated with the official profit rocket website. So if you click on any of these green buttons here, it will lock in your bonuses before sending it off to the profit rocket website and if you do decide to go with it, you’re not only going to get profit rocket, but you’re also going to get These extra premium bonuses that are going to guarantee your success so the way profit rocket works. It’S utilizing pinterest traffic uh to drive free traffic to your offers. Now, if you want to use pinterest effectively, I’ve thrown this bonus in there um in order to help you find your own niche and do a self-analysis on what niche you should get into. This is really step one. Whenever you’re trying to make money online step, one is always this analysis process that most people don’t really know about, or they forget about, they don’t know how to do it more likely. So what happens? Is they don’t take this first step correctly? They go off for like six months, trying to chase some niche that they’re not even good at and then obviously they fail because they’re competing with people on their strengths instead of their own strengths and then generally that’s how a lot of people just give up. So this is going to help you take that first step correctly understand where your strengths lie, so you’re able to be competitive and successful in an area that you find interesting and you’re able to compete. The best in bonus number two, I’ve thrown in because profit rocket has this ecom element uh in the training. It teaches you how to use the organic traffic from interest to send to a store, an e-com store. Maybe a drop shipping store. I’Ve thrown this bonus in there for those of you who want to utilize that kind of way to use profit rocket to use the training. So this goes into really how to set up an e-com store and the basics that go into that and what you need to do to set all that up. So, if you do want to sell physical products, whether your own or drop shipping, you can use profit rocket use this bonus in conjunction with each other, to set up that system. Bonus number three works in kind of the same way, but rather than working on an e-com store, it’s working on creating a niche blog and maybe on a niche blog. You can do reviews. You can talk about info products, you can have your own info products or digital products and then again use pinterest use the niche that you’re getting into from the first bonus use the profit rocket training to drive traffic to an affiliate blog, so they’re really two staples. Some people are going to want to go the room route and use the training from profit rocket, and some people are going to maybe want to do the blogging route uh and use again the same training because you’re just driving traffic using interest and you can do Either one so this goes into how to establish those two parts uh in the best way, so really going hand in hand with profit rocket. The fourth bonus is my own traffic bonus, so you’re gon na have profit rocket teaching you how to utilize, pinterest and you’re. Going to have this bonus teaching you how to utilize seo other social media platforms, other growth, hacking techniques that no one else is talking about that have. The only reason I know about them is because I’ve paid thousands in coaching on lead generation and I’ve thrown everything in the kitchen sink into this product. Traffic is the number one milestone. People have problems with you’re gon na have profit rocket, you’re gon na have this bonus and you’re not gon na have any problems with traffic, whether you’re doing from or sending them to you know blogs or even just landing pages bonus. Five is the vendor. Has hooked me up with full access to their vendor bonus, vault uh, and there are a ton of bonuses in there that are going to help you with profit rocket as well. So any value bonuses they’re going to be on the dashboard, um or they’re going to be also I’ve put a lot of the bonuses on a pdf that you can download that has the links on there and you can access those and there are instructions for those. As well, so if that sounds good to you step, one link in the description you’ll go to this page lock in these bonuses with these green buttons. That will send you off to profit rocket um, and I would recommend going through this checking out testimonials like these uh functions, features finding out. You know whatever you want to know about it, who’s behind it, who’s made it all that kind of stuff and if you do decide to purchase you’ll, be sent a digital receipt which looks like this one here and under the green button is profit rocket under the Blue button is all the bonuses now keep your eye on this countdown timer. This is all part of a launch week, special after this countdown timer hit zero. These bonuses will no longer be available. Uh discounts may also be activated when you click these buttons, but they won’t no longer be available after this countdown hit zero either. So, basically, the sooner you get in the more you’re gon na get for the lower price and the way way more chance. Uh you’re gon na have to succeed with it so without further ado, let’s get into it. Lets go into the dashboard and I’ll show you what it looks like. So this is the members area and is pretty simple, you’re gon na go through this training. I would recommend not skipping any lessons it’s been set out in a way. You know that you need to start here and just work your way through, and you basically got your you’re welcome. Understanding the power of interest has the most buyer traffic than any other social media platform, even though it’s like the fourth or fifth, most popular people are on interest to buy, set pins, usually based on products. Okay, so you’ve got to understand that if you can rock it on the interest you’re going to get by a traffic uh, the first part of the training goes into how to set everything up. So it goes into talking about pinterest, creating pins if you’re not familiar with interest. You will be on after this section of the training. Uh syndication is important, in and creating content and how to do that, how to save time, automation really. This is all going into how to use the pinterest in the best way sections two goes into case studies. I love this kind of training, a lot of trainings they just blabber on about. You know you should do this. You should do this to case studies. You can look carefully at what other people have done and I swear everything I’ve done online to make money there. I’Ve never done like a unique idea. I’Ve seen case studies, I’ve watched people, I’ve studied what other people are doing. I’Ve mimicked what they’ve that they’ve done haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel and that’s why I love case studies, because you can check out what multiple people are doing. You know your brain will put all the ideas together and then you can go away and pretty much do the same. So this part of the training is going into that, how to make the actual money with this method. Okay, then, he wraps up with a conclusion: what to do now what he recommends you know going away and what you should do, how you should get started. There are a couple upgrades in there which I’ll talk to you about in just a second uh and a couple bonuses that I talked about earlier um and some more bonuses here as well. So that’s really it, it’s a short training, but you’re gon na learn a lot um. I have always wanted to get into interest because I know it is buyer traffic. I know the stats on it. I know people who use it, but I just you know I need to manage my time, probably a bit better. So I can, you know, put some time into it and researching it. So I’m definitely going to go through this training, myself uh, because you know I always get training and I always try to try to clue myself up on different things that are working for different people, and you know you should as well, which is why I’m talking About this product now, so that’s really it as far as what you can expect. You can look at the subheadings in those videos. Obviously I can’t play them as this is an info product, so it is difficult to go into the dashboard. You know and show you exactly what it is without getting you know in a lot of trouble, but you know I can show you that much now you can come through to my bonus page link in the description to check out what it’s about more specifically, the pricing There is a dime sale on again, so getting quick and uh that’s going to be 9.45 one time off for number one is the pro upgrade, so it’s kind of over the shoulder teaching um so really helping you out in a more personalized way. One time offer number two is the one for you, so they’re going to give you 6 000 pinterest templates motivational quotes all that kind of stuff. So, if you’re worried about like okay, I know I need to produce content on pinterest, but you know I don’t know how to produce content. I don’t know what to put out that’s good. I would recommend getting that because you’ve got 6 000. You know images you throw some automation on that and you can just leave it be while you gather in the traffic one time offer number three: is your resell rights um? So you can resell for profit rocket to friends and keep a hundred percent of the commission. So if you want to go through the training and then if you think it’s gon na work well, you can buy this upgrade and the. You know pass it on to your friends and you’re gon na take all the commission on that. One time offer number five is an hour of coaching uh. So if you are, if you need that kind of more personalized kind of interaction, you want them to show you one-on-one exactly how it works. What to do by step. I would recommend that as well, so this is really an outline of the funnel uh just so you’re, not surprised during the buying process. As to what gets offered to you, I will say really quickly that you don’t need the front end to get access to my bonuses that I’m giving you so don’t feel like you need all of these, but everyone is different, so I thought I’d just run you Through them now, if you have any questions about any of this, or drop them in the comments hit me up on social media or email. I do reply to everybody as quick as I can and if not enjoy profit rocket. I know you’re gon na get a lot out of it. I’M gon na try and get as much as I can out of it, because I’m so interested in this interest buyer traffic. That is really, I know it’s underutilized, so I know I should get into it sooner rather than later so. Take action, you’re, gon na love, those bonuses and up. Best of luck and I’ll see you next time, take care.

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