Sunny Lenarduzzi: Hey Boss, it’s Sunny Lenarduzzi, and today we’re going to talk about how to make professional videos from the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind, when I started my YouTube channel, I was filming my videos with a window and a webcam. You can get started with what you have, and I wanted to show you guys that, and really drive that point home by showing you exactly how to shoot a professional video from home. These are my four hacks to get your videos up to a place where you don’t feel embarrassed to publish them, but you’re also not breaking the bank on all this new fancy equipment. It’s more important that you have valuable content, and entertaining, inspiring, or educational content, versus having this huge production and set on YouTube. So let’s dive in. Number one is lighting. I say if people can hear you and they can see you, that’s really the basis of a good video. You don’t need to over-complicate the process and right now, we don’t have any professional lights on me, this is all coming from natural light and the window that is right in front of me and behind the camera.

We do have the Diva-Lite, but we’re not using it right now. [Ayla’s 00:01:07] here too. Say hi Ayla? The team’s here working today. Whether you’re using an iPhone to film, which I’m going to film on here too to show you guys, whether you’re using an iPhone or a professional DSLR camera, it doesn’t really matter. Just know that the light source needs to be in front of your face, because this looks good. This doesn’t really look so good. Hack number two is framing. All this means is that people can see certain things in the frame of your video, so you just want to make sure that anything included in your video is professional looking, and that you don’t have a random cat, or a dog, or a random person pop up in the video. How do you frame your videos properly when you’re just starting out and you’re just using say an iPhone? All you have to do is just move closer to the camera, or closer to your phone, and just do a few test shots to make sure that there isn’t anything behind you that’s distracting.

The really easy way to do this in the beginning when you’re starting out is making sure that you’re just filming in front of a white wall, or you’re filming in front of a pretty plain backdrop, and closing the door behind you so again, you don’t have a random person, or a cat, or a dog show up in your video. Hack number three is audio. You want to make sure people can see you and they can hear you, obviously. It’s a video. You need that to be clear, and you don’t necessarily have to buy a fancy mic. Again, when you’re just getting started making videos from home and you want them to look professional, all you have to do is make sure that there’s no background noise.

Close the windows, turn off the TV, turn off any possible distracting noise or humming in the background to make sure that your audio actually is clear. Now, if you do want to get a microphone, we do have some options below this video in the description that are affordable and are really great options for you to film professional videos from home and make it easy for you, whether you’re using a phone or a fancy camera of some kind. Let’s just do a quick test of the mic that I’m wearing right now. This is what the audio sounds like with the mic I’m wearing right now. This is what the audio sounds like with just the camera mic. Not a huge difference, but as you do get a little more success and you start to grow, I totally understand and recommend investing in better equipment, but for right now and for the beginning, just start with what you have.

Hack number four is an instant tripod. What do I mean by that? Well, you just want to make sure that your camera isn’t shaky, because that’s very distracting, and it obviously doesn’t look professional. You need to make sure that you have stability with your camera, but if you don’t have a tripod, what are you supposed to do? Well, I’m going to show you what I started with.

Step number one, find anything with a flat surface. Step number two, stack a few books on top of each other. Step number three, put your computer on top of those books. If you want to use your webcam, you can do that, or you can just place your phone on your computer and use that. Making professional videos at home is less about having all of the right equipment and stressing all about the technical aspects and whatnot, because it can be so overwhelming in the beginning. Just get started with what you have. It’s less about having the things, and more about just getting super creative with it. Now that you know how to actually make a professional looking video from home, I’ve attached my video editing cheat sheet in the description below, so you can grab that at the link below. It’s going to show you how to edit your video like a pro, even if you’re just a beginner.

I walk you through all of the steps to make it super simple for you. If you like this video, hit the like button below. If you’re new here, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get notified every time I post a new video, which is every week. Make sure that you leave a comment below, and let me know if this made sense to you. If it did, let me know at the Boss in the comments below. Thank you so much for being here, thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video..

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