Vegetarian or Vegan but Not Losing Weight?

hi my list is kelly and “ive lost” 42 pounds doing my achieve weight loss I’ve been a vegetarian for 40 years and became vegan about four years ago and I still wasn’t losing the heavines and I would try once in a while perhaps lose five pounds then we gain it back with a bit additional so when I experience my friend Shelley had lost 50 pounds through my achieve I had to know what she did so I contact her i said satisfy i want to do what you did you gaze so good so she told me about my achieve and i affiliated the online world-class because i didn’t have time to go to greenwood and for me it was an inspiration it may be number one recognise the bad practices that I had I wouldn’t eat until maybe one in the afternoon and then I would dine late at night after the adolescents went to bed and I could tighten so I wasn’t getting my metabolism starting early in the morning I too was not drinking in my desire sea I wasn’t boozing the ocean that I should so following the program may be aware of everything I was putting into my cavity peculiarly because I read books for my job and I was munching while I was reading so I wasn’t any attention to how much i was eating so i may dine you are familiar with two or three hot dogs instead of simply one so it constructed me very aware of how much i was putting into my lip what things i was putting into my cavity so formerly i started the program the first week I lost eight and a half pounds and I was so excited because I remembered if this doesn’t work I’m not make it anymore and I was so excited so it encouraged me to keep going I would walk 30 to 40 times every day concluded sure to imbibe 90 to 120 ounces of water a day make sure I was gobbling my three meals per day and I would pick my protein and then fill up my plateful with veggies and between that and the spray I was full all the time I didn’t even want snack it is therefore took me about four months and I lost 40 pounds I is slow a little bit because I haven’t been maintaining more than then worrying about losing but because people keep telling me not to lose more so anyway I am only I am evoked I’m exhilarated and I hope that other people can get the same inspiration that I received from jimandlaura at my achieve weight loss you

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