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So, in the world of digital marketing, there’s a lot of absolutes. Should I do this? Should I do that? I should you just SEO as you’re just blogging. Well, there are no absolutes. So today, we’re going to talk about what is the role of SEO in your digital marketing strategy. What works and what doesn’t? So, when you’re sitting down and making your plans for 2019 into 2020, you’re going to get a lot of things put on the table.

You’re going to have SEO, blogging, website and social and maybe some other things that you want to throw in there like podcasting. The problem is like as a business owner, like how do we figure out. How much time to put it and where? So, I want to take a step back and talk to you about what’s most important and how do you distribute it? So, the most important thing you can do as a business owner is to get those great ideas out of your mind and onto paper. So, a couple things that we’ve been doing is we just sit down, we open up a recorder on our laptop or a recording app and I interview the clients on a concept.

So let’s say I’m going to interview a client on keyword, research tools. I pull up in Google Keyword, research tools, I’ve got it right in front of me and I start asking questions of the person who I’m interviewing Now. Remember. I’M recording this the whole time Between 3 & 5 minutes, we’ll give you about 900 words. Now this is really important, because now, in less than 10 minutes, I’ve been able to get a 900 word document from you, the thought leader,

And then I take it to a transcription service like rev, R-E-V, dot com, And I have it transcribed And within minutes I get the transcription of the audio. Then we take that content and we send it off to our social media, people, our bloggers and our podcast or whatever. We want to use that to distribute it. Take an ownership of that piece because that’s what your expertise is Then we’re looking at a digital marketing strategy, You say: “, Okay, folks

Here’S my one piece .”. So then your social media, company, slices and dices that into social media posts or Instagram stories, Then that same piece gets written up in a blog with images. Then that same piece becomes a topic for your podcast and you talk about that. With an expert in the industry, So I don’t want you to think about “ How many different things do I have to do ?”? I want you think about being a thought leader on one topic, And then you give that to the vendors in your life, your social media, your you’re content, writers. Let them take it and repurpose it like crazy. A good digital marketing strategy has to start with an excellent piece of content, And then, once you record yourself, you could be driving to work. You could be. I don’t know on your own at home and you just want to dictate or walk around the apartment or walk around your office.

Have a sticky note with 3 or 4 keyword ideas And just talk about them for 5 to 6 minutes You’re going to get a ton of content. Have it transcribed then hand it off to the vendors in your life? This is what you should be focusing on from a digital marketing strategist. You are the expert. You are the professor, Take the time to pick one concept that you’re an expert in and record yourself. Then let the experts in your life figure out how to slice-and-dice it. Repurpose it so that you can get everyone on every social media channel. That is a real digital strategy based on search engine, optimization key words that you want to be findable for

But then you take your vision, your voice is an expert and you create the content that matters. That’S what turns a digital marketing strategy into something that works and something that falls flat. Do it right? A good digital marketing strategy is just the tip of the iceberg. My book Marketing Espionage, how to spy on yourself your prospects and your competitors to dominate online is the ultimate guide in an easy non-technical format on how to become the most findable business online. It lays out your whole strategy, as well as talks about implementation tactics that are easy for you to apply. That will make you infinitely more findable Check us out on Amazon Love to have you give some comments If you’ve read the book or you’ve got questions about a digital marketing strategy. Please comment below. I watched those comments and I will definitely get back to you and give you some good feedback regarding what you post below Hey, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so that you get notifications every day of my new findability videos.


Whatever your site has been built for it’s no good to anyone. If it can’t be found, you can market it, promote it, but to make sure you’ve got ongoing success for your site. It needs to be found through search engines search. Engine. Optimization is not a button. You pressed or one time evaluation it’s an ongoing process. Hi. My name is London and in this course you’ll learn how search engines work and what a search engine results page is will help. You determine the most important keywords for your business and show you how to add them to the site, so you can be found by your customers. So, if you’re ready to tackle the basics of SEO, join me, let’s get started you you

Godaddy’S website builder includes a built-in SEO tool in most of our plans. I’M Darlene and let’s check it out, we’re gon na start. This demonstration from the websites Plus marketing header, select marketing and choose SEO. If this is your first time through the process, the SEO wizard will guide you through optimizing, your homepage and don’t worry, nothing is set in stone. You can go through this process as often as you’d like to make changes to the keywords that you choose, but keep in mind that it does take time for the changes you make to show up in search engine results. Seo is not an overnight success story. Let’S start the wizard, the first thing you need to do is select where your customers are located, are they nationwide or worldwide or local? Now you need to tell the wizard what your page is about in one or two words to get suggestions on phrases that customers may use to find you. My site is about video games and repairs, and I’m gon na put them in that order as the most important thing that should be in the primary spot. If I put repair first, then we might be pulling from a larger pool than we want now. The SEO wizard will analyze your categories and make suggestions that match up with popular search terms. You should select the top two or three phrases that best describe your page. If you don’t like the suggestions, you can choose more phrases when you have two or three of your top choices. Click Next, the wizard will show your homepage, and now you need to select which phrase best describes it now, you’re ready to optimize your homepage. You need to choose a page title for the search engine results, page or SERP. For short, this is what customers are going to see when they find your site through Google, Yahoo and Bing. I’M going to choose this one now, it’s time to focus on an accurate and enticing home page description. You should use your top choice, keyword or phrase in the description. The box on the Left displays how your site will appear in search engine results when you have a good description that includes your keyword, you’re ready to move on click Next now, it’s time to edit your headline to include your main search phrase. Keep in mind that you’re actually changing the text on your site’s home page, so you have to find the balance for optimizing, a search engine and making a sense to your customers. Let’S move on by clicking next, the SEO wizard is going to look at every text. Block on your home page add your keywords everywhere that you can but make sure that it makes sense, be creative and map out those keywords: the best that you can now it’s time to review the changes that you’ve made to improve your SEO. You can edit each individual section if you need to when things look good and click done when you’re done with the SEO wizard, you can go review your site and if things look good, don’t forget to publish now that your site is live with your new and Improved SEO changes, patience is key. Seo is a long game, so it can take time for your page to rise in search results. I’M Darlene thanks for tuning in

Welcome to The Journey I’m Nealey And I’m Morgan, And today we’re gon na give you eight quick tips to improve your local SEO All right, Morgan before we dive into the tips. It’S probably a good idea to really understand what is SEO and why is it so important Yeah? The reason we use search engines is because they have proven time and time again that they provide the best answers to the questions that we’re searching for and if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of the search results, then you’re. Nowhere

And so SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s work that you do to make sure that you prove to Google and other search engines you’re the best So for SEO. I like to use the analogy of all the work that you need to do is like a 1,000 piece puzzle And you and all of your competitors. You all have the same puzzle and we’re trying to prove to Google who’s the best which one of these puzzles is the most complete My puzzle’s best. Definitely the best Yours is definitely the best. We know that Does Google know that We shall find out Right, But the thing is not. Everyone has all 1,000 pieces.

Some people are new, Some people have been doing it for a long time, and Google doesn’t necessarily care that you have all the pieces in The thing that Google cares about is that you have more than the next guy. You could have maybe 10 pieces and if you’re in not a very competitive space, then yeah you’re going to appear on the first page. So these eight tips that we’re going to talk about are going to help you to start putting those pieces in to get started on your SEO journey for local businesses. Perfect. So, let’s jump into the tips. What’S tip number one Tip number one for local businesses. Everybody needs this, is you need to create or claim your Google My Business Profile,

Google, My Business is this tool that Google has created that allows users to see all of your business information in one place. We did a video all about this, so go check it out, so you can deep dive. But basically, if you don’t have a profile, you need to go, create one and if you haven’t claimed your profile, meaning that your profile exists. But you didn’t necessarily do it or some user created that you need to claim it so that you can update it with all the right information Right. You need to make sure it’s in your control, Don’t let it out to the world for anyone to add It’s. Yours So tip number two is that you need to optimize your profiles, It’s great to have it created, but if you don’t have all the information that Google is looking for, then they’re not going to recommend your business over someone else. So that means having your business name correct. Your address your phone number, your hours of operation, Those are the basics that most people do, but optimizing. It really means going a level below that so adding photographs, adding your logo adding pictures of your building. So that was when people are actually going to your business. They know what it looks like

If you’re a restaurant include pictures of dishes and what you’re known for so that way, people have lots more information when they’re looking at your Google, My Business page. So those are the key things that you need to do to optimize. If there’s reviews that are outstanding, you need to respond to all of those reviews. You need to encourage your customers to go and leave reviews, because that also plays a part in how you’re going to rank against other local business profiles. All right, Morgan, what’s tip number three Tip number three. Is you need to add your business to relevant business directories?

These are other sites that their main business is promoting. Other businesses like yourself, and so you need to make sure that your business, not only is there, but the information is correct and the great thing it’s an easy back link Absolutely So it really helps with your SEO to make sure that your business anywhere people are Looking at these business directories, your business shows up All right, which brings us to tip number four Tip. Number four is to add your business address to your website. It sounds pretty plain and simple, but a lot of websites don’t have that So again to increase your rankings. This is one thing that not only Google is looking for, but your users, if they’re wanting to visit your business, they want to have the address very prominently, placed

So put it in the footer, Have a separate page about your location, Just make sure that it’s there visible and very prominent All right. So should we put a Google Maps thing on the site too Yeah that helps That’s visual People can click it. They can see exactly where you’re located the cross streets, so that’s always helpful as well, so just make sure that you actually have the address called out and written out next to that Perfect, which brings us to tip number five. What’S tip number five Make sure that your NAP is consistent across the web?

What’S NAP Name, I like naps, I mean well ( laughter, ) Name address phone number, So you need to make sure that those three things are consistently formatted everywhere So pick one and then update it on your website. [ Nealey ] Stick with it, Update it on your Google, My Business and then update it anywhere else where your website appears, If you don’t own those websites, email, the owner and say “ Hey, can you update this ?” And most likely they will but just make Sure it’s consistent everywhere.

Perfect To number six: what do we got? You need to update your home, page’s, meta, title and meta description. The meta title and meta description are things on your website that you control how your website shows up on the search results. So whatever the meta title is that’s what will appear on the search engine results page and then the little description below This is a great opportunity for you to let your clients know what you’re about. So if you are a coffee shop in Seattle, maybe you should have that in your meta. Title and description Put your location, Put more information about your business. So that way, your users know what you’re about

Right and most website, builders or applications that you use have a section for you to add a meta title, a meta keyword and meta descriptions. If you don’t know how to go in the backend and do it, which most of us don’t want to right. So if you need help just contact, whoever you’re hosting your site with They’ll, probably be able to help you get that information there, because if you don’t set anything Google will just assume whatever it wants to put there, and it may not always be relevant to what You want to invoke to your audience All right Morgan. What do we got for tip number seven Tip number. Seven is just to make sure that all of your other SEO elements are in place. Make sure that you have great content on your website. Make sure that your source code is formatted in the way that Google likes to see it.

Make sure that you have a great number of high-quality backlinks that are pointing back to your site. All of this will help with your local SEO. We actually did an entire video all about the basics of SEO, check it out right here, So it’s super relevant to make sure your site is structured in a way that Google basically wants. So on your site. Those H1 tags, like you, mentioned it’s basically a code on the site that says “. This is my most relevant tag line ,”. If you will So only one H1 tag per site. Images are super important, because Google cannot read images, but it can read text. So that’s that little description there Most website, builders or applications like Word Press has a place for you to add those All right. Morgan, we’re on the very last tip. It’S been an incredible journey, # thejourney. What is tip number eight Tip number eight is to consider launching paid ads or Google guarantee

So if you’re not getting the results fast enough or the traction that you need using steps, one through seven and appearing in the organic sections, then this is where paid ads and the Google guarantee comes in. So you can consider doing these things Paid ads. Obviously, it’s pay to play Whoop. You appear right at the top of the search result. It’S amazing, but once your ad budget is gone, you no longer appear there, But people click on the ads, They’re very effective. So I love paid ads. It gets you right to the top, but I’m not really familiar with what Google guarantee is, Give us the low down. So the Google guarantee is basically paid ads supercharged, So you could pay. Anyone really can pay to have their business appear in the paid ads, but the Google guarantee takes it to the next level where, if someone purchases the service through the Google guarantee and they’re not happy, they can get their money back, which is really awesome.

So it’s Google vetting certain businesses and making sure that they provide a great experience. There’S extra levels you have to do to qualify for the Google guarantee, but it’s really great and stands out in the search results and people love it All right folks. Those were our eight quick tips to help improve your local SEO. I hope you liked it. I liked it Did you like it Loved it. I thought you would Make sure you like this video Comment below on just something you learned today Subscribe Ring the bell. So you know when these videos are coming at your first. This has been The Journey and we are signing off..

Your website should be able to attract potential new customers. One way is to make your website appear in search results When consumers search for the types of goods you sell, For example, children’s clothing. This method of making your website appear in search results is called “ search. Engine optimization” or SEO for short, Think about it like this SEO is like a shop window, You want the shop windows to be interesting and attractive. Seo refers to the use of appropriate keywords, Provide relevant information to potential customers. There are a few different ways to do. This Please confirm that your website contains useful information, For example, inventory category price location and business hours. Other best ways include Create short, meaningful page titles, Communicate. Page theme with page title Add a detailed block of “ About Us” to include contact, information and business scope. Company profiles, If necessary, plus operating location, Add sales location and business hours if necessary. If your website contains images and videos And confirm that the relevant description uses the word mark of the “ alt” attribute and other attributes To ensure that Google can interpret its content And convenient for people with disabilities to browse the web Also be sure to use images. To illustrate the items sold And use keywords such as brand color and product description to describe the product. In addition, you need to pay attention to the correctness of the image, The relevance of text, description and page title. You should also use the techniques, and checklist mentioned in the previous episode – Make sure that when people search for your product, Your website will appear in search results. We talked about constructive ways to improve website visibility, But there are some less proper methods, Including hidden text when building a website Induce people to come in This technique and other tricks used to deceive database indexes Usually called black hat SEO, so dont use it. Google has many ways to detect technologies that attempt to manipulate search rankings. These protective measures can further ensure that search results are relevant and correct for users. Therefore, black hat tricks are mostly ineffective. In the long run it will waste your time and money. Google provides tools to help you manage SEO Sign up for Search, Console to see how your website is performing in search results. Search, Console is a free tool provided by Google Can help. You run your website and monitor its performance. If there is a problem with the website, an email notification will be sent, So you can focus on your own affairs. If you dont want to do it yourself, you can also hire professionals In the next video. We will talk about how to find and hire great SEO experts. If you have any comments on this video or this series, Please comment below the video See you next episode.

Seo is search engine optimization Or the acronym for search engine optimizer Hiring an SEO expert has the potential to improve your website and save time. But if you hire it can give you bad advice Or recommend bad practices and shortcuts. It may cause damage to your website and reputation When hiring an SEO expert. Keep in mind the following general recommendations. First interview your potential SEO consultant A good SEO expert will not only focus on Search engine rankings, which is what you present, But they will focus on how to improve your presentation To help your business.

Good SEO consultants usually ask the following questions: What makes your business content or service unique So it is valuable to customers. What are your general customers like? How are they currently finding your website? How does your business make money and how can Search help you make money? What other channels do you use? Do you use offline advertising? What about social networks? Who are your competitors? How do they perform online and potentially offline? If the experts seem to be Not interested in understanding your business, Please consider finding another expert

Without understanding the business goals In the case of customers and other existing marketing efforts, It is difficult to properly optimize Be wary of providing unrealistic guarantees Such as the expert who makes you number one in Google. No one can guarantee this And usually those who try to pass the violation. Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure that people do this, For example, creating unnatural links and portals. If there is a particularly serious violation, It may cause your page or website Permanently deleted from Googles search results. The second step in hiring SEO is to check references. You want to check with past customers And confirm that SEO experts can provide useful guidance And work effectively with their team. You want to make sure that the results are permanent, not temporary.

A good expert will help SEO Become part of your general business operations. They should focus on long-term planning and help your brand. The third step is to request technical and search review. If you trust your SEO candidate, Please provide them with a restricted view, an incomplete view Or the right to write. Google Search, Console data or Analytics data Before they actually modify any content on your site. Ask them to conduct technical and search reviews To provide you with what they think A priority list of improvements that should be made for SEO After reviewing inside SEO, experts should prioritize issues And make suggestions for improvement. These recommendations should be based on data about your website. Should work well with your online image And avoid possible violations, Improper practice of Google Webmaster Guidelines. Ideally, you should look for Focus on technology and strategy for the audience Rather than suggestions on search engines. The audit should also estimate the overall investment And the positive impact on the business. After interview reference check and technical review, You should be ready to evaluate potential SEO experts

A good SEO expert will prioritize using the least resources Come with ideas to improve your business. They will also suggest that it may take more time in the beginning, But in the long run it will promote growth improvement. They should feel like they can work and experiment with you, Learn from and help you and your business pave the way for people After hiring them work with them to agree on goals and targets And how to track the results in advance. This way, you can know what you will get out of it. Thank you for watching. Please visit the resources in

Dont forget to subscribe to the Google Webmasters channel, Then press the little bell to receive the notification. This way, you wont miss any future. Videos again see you later

Is your website old and stinky? Is it about time you freshen it up a little bit as your site grows by adding new content? Many of those old pages that you publish years ago still remain and chances are that many of those pages are old and stinky, and by keeping these pages on our website, it can cause us problems to rank lower in the search engines, and it may keep your Prospective customers from ever coming back Google’s algorithm is no longer page specific. This means that Google crawls much deeper into your website and its ranks it based upon the context and the freshness of the content. If Google determines that your site has ill relevant, stinky old content, you may end up on page 100 of Google’s index. However, if Google determines that the content on your site is fresh and relevant, you’ll get a boost and perhaps even take over that coveted first-place position. But more important than google or your customers think about the last time you search for an answer to a particular problem or concern, and you ended up on some page that was dated that didn’t solve your problem. Didn’T you feel frustrated hi, I’m my writer from the search engine Academy and SEO training SW com with a few SEO tips on how you can keep your content fresh for the search engines and your customers to ensure that they’ll be coming back for more evaluate your Current assets, this is a Content inventory on one of my personal websites, radar, detector org. I am it. It was a bit time-consuming for our staff to compile to 200 some pages of this website, but it provides me with a complete snapshot of my sight by including information from google analytics. I can see what pages are working and what pages need some help? I can keep track of SEO concerns identify in pages with ink or incorrect made of data, and, as we update this document, my staff and I will have a much easier time, keeping all the pages of our website up to date, and it will save us a Ton of time here a few suggestions on how you can develop your own site audit. First, we use the Google document spreadsheet. This allows my staff and I to log in anytime and anyplace, and the data is updated in real time next format: your spreadsheet, by first listing the URL of the page, the type of page. It is the title of the page that perhaps even adding a column to include them, made a description of the page. When you you compiled all this information, your next step will be compiling a report in your Google Analytics, which will list each page of your website. Then create the applicable columns in your spreadsheet and plug in the data such as page views average time on page, your bounce rate and if this page generated any income for you. It’S also a good idea to include a brief summary of what each page is all about the date when the page was first created a date when it should be revisited the number of backlinks to the page and who is responsible for updating the content of the Page as your peace, your site, audit, all together, some questions that you want to ask yourself are: is the content on this page relevant, timely and useful to my customers?

Doesn’T meet the goals of my organization or company? Does it add value if you’ve answered yes to all these questions, put a check mark on your spreadsheet next to that page. If you answer no to any of these questions, then you may want to consider updating those pages or perhaps even kill it off as a caution. If you do decide to kill it, do a 301 redirect and redirect that page to another page on your website by doing this, you’ll also redirect any links that you may have going to that page to the new page. Also by chance, a customer has that page. Bookmarked you’ll be redirecting them to the new page with the fresher content. I hope you enjoyed this video and, if you have please consider sharing with your friends and family by pressing the like button on this page and add in a comment or two and if you’d like to check out some of our other free SEO tips kind of Visit us on our website SEO training SW com. This is roy roy from SEO training, SW, calm and the search engine academy. Thank you for watching. You have a great day.

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