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ivermectin is an fda-approved medication. For parasitic infections, ivermectin is widelyavailable due to its inclusion on the w-h-o modellist of essential medicines. It opens glutamatesensitive chloride, channel currents in helmetsand. It’S widely believed that this is how itkills certain parasites – it’s the drug of choicefor, the treatment of unko, sir Caius and stronzoLord Isis, both of which are parasitic infectionsivermectin, is effective against several intestinalnematodes, including ascariasis.

Try crisis andalso, cutaneous, larva migrans, also Lucci RheaBancroft II, Bru gia Malaya Manson Ella oz, Rd andlo Aloha. It also is effective against scabies andhead lice. So why my ivermectin work against SARScoronavirus the virus that causes covid 19well once the virus gains entry into the cells ofthe body using the h2 receptor, the virus releasesits messenger RNA into the cell. The cell starts totranslate the messenger RNA from the virus whichstarts to make of viral proteins and that’s hownew virus forms. But some of these viral proteinsthat are freshly made then enter into the nucleusof, the cell, or at least are thought to do so. Bymany scientists and this probably impairs ourcell’s ability to fight off the infection. Theway. These viral proteins are thought to gain entryinto.

The nucleus of our cells is through specificchannels that are made out of a different proteincalled important, not important. It’S importantthere’s important type, alpha and type beta orimp, alpha and Impa beta for short, and this iswhere ivermectin comes in because ivermectininhibits the passage of these viral proteinsinto, the nucleus. It does so by binding to theseprotein channels and effectively blocking thetransport of molecules through them. So this iswhy scientists started studying ivermectin andhere. We have this article that just came outApril 3rd in the journal. Antiviral researchthis is a pre proof, article meaning they’vebeen peer-reviewed, but final publication, isstill pending what these scientists found. Isthat ivermectin significantly inhibits the SARSto coronavirus viral proteins in their passagefrom. The cytoplasm into the nucleus of the cellsin vitro in vitro means. This was done in a testtube or outside of a living organism.

So a singledose of ivermectin had a 5000 fold reductionin virus levels at 40 hours in cell culture, sothis drug has a huge impact on this virus invitro, and that’s why the authors of the studyconclude that these drugs need to be studied? Incovid 19 patients, meaning in clinical trials, thesame way that other drugs are being looked at. Inclinical trials for Covid 19, such as REM des aveerchloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, so becauseivermectin is generally considered. A safe drugand is already fda-approved for other diseasesit can be repurposed for covid 19. As long asit’s shown to be safe and effective for covid 19in patients in these clinical trials, now, if thisdrug turns out to be the miracle drug for Covid 19the, next question will become when should it bestarted? In other words, at what point to someonestarted taking this medication? Should they takeit prophylactically, or should they take it assoon as they start getting symptoms but we’renot, even at that point yet first we have to do theclinical trials to see if it is effective for Covid 19the.

Other question is: what are the side, effects of ivermectin or adverse reactions? Well based onwhat. We already know about ivermectin this iswhat, I can tell you the most common adversereaction is the Masotti reaction, but this onlyhappens, when ivermectin is used to treat an cosecIsis, which is a parasitic infection. Now whatis the Masotti reaction, you ask: it was firstdescribed in 1948, it’s a symptom, complex seen, inpatients after undergoing treatment of nematodeinfestation, particularly with the medicationdiethyl carbonate or Dec for short, but it alsooccurs with ivermectin lazatti reactions can belife-threatening and are characterized by feverhives, generalized swelling swollen Lymph nodesfast heart rate, low blood pressure, joint painand, abdominal pain, there’s a 25 % chance of Masottireaction when ivermectin is used to treat onqussuk Isis, but not other parasitic infectionsso for covid 19 patient took ivermectin thiswould, not happen, so otherwise. Every mechanism, sideeffects, are uncommon. Diarrhea occurs in about 2 % of people taking it also ivermectin shouldnot be ministered to pregnant or lactatingwomen in the safety and children

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